Contract Lifts

As a high-risk industry, it is paramount that our customers are familiar with the responsibilities, duties and risks involved with every lift. Because of this, we ask customers who are not familiar with these aspects to utilise our CPA Contract Lift services.


Under the CPA Contract Lift Services, the crane, equipment, operator and all CPCS-trained personnel such as the Appointed Person and Lift Supervisor are supplied with the crane and remain the responsibility of the crane owner. With over 60 years’ experience, our team is well equipped to execute safe and controlled lifts.

We are responsible for all aspects of the planning and execution of the lift.

The following will be provided by the crane owner:

  • Qualified and competent Appointed Person, Slinger/ Signaller, Crane Supervisor and Crane Operator
  • Plan the entire lift, operating a safe system of work
  • Supply all method statements and risk assessments
  • Ensure the crane supplied is suitable for the type and capacity of the job
  • Provide a crane which is properly maintained, certified and tested

As the customer, you must provide:

  • Safe access for the crane, support vehicles and all personnel, this includes access and removal of traffic management
  • Comprehensive details of the weight and dimensions of each item being lifted
  • Adequate lifting points on each section being lifted, as well as tailing points, if required
  • A site specific safety induction for all members of the team involved in the operation, this induction should include emergency procedures and warnings
  • An assessment of the site in accordance with the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 1999 (COSHH.) This must be completed with enough time to ensure precautions can be put in place if any substances or conditions hazardous to health are found
  • Welfare facilities

In addition to this, a hard level standing area for the cranes nominated and capable of withstanding the outrigger loads as stated for the lift. This includes ensuring there is level ground suitable for travel both to and from working locations. All site co-ordinations with other contractors on site must not impede access to the crane location or interrupt work.

If work needs to be carried out close to, or in the hours of darkness, then suitable lighting should be provided in agreement with the Crane Supervisor.

If you would like to go through any of the above information, or find out more on Contract Lifts, speak to a member of the team today.


Do we require a site survey

Yes, in order for us to provide you with an accurate quotation and specifically for Contract Lifts as we will need to draw up the Risk Assessments and Method Statements.

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