Site Surveys

We are able to offer site surveys for all lifts and moves; these are free for those in the local Cambridgeshire area. Our team will visit your site as well as assessing the location where the operation will take place.

This visit will determine the correct crane required for the move, whether any additional transport or accessories will be needed, as well as assessing: Road closures; obstructions; route and any other limitations that may affect your lift.

Please note that on a CPA lift, all of the above information will be provided without responsibility, although this does not have any impact on the hirer’s responsibility with current codes of practice and legislation.

Do you provide Risk Assessments and Method Statements?

Yes, we can provide you with these, either following on from a site survey or we can offer generic copies.

What insurance levels do you offer?

We offer standard RHA insurance. However, we do offer a higher level of insurance, tailored closely to your needs upon application.

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