CPCS Trained Appointed Persons

Getting your lift right is important, that’s why at Welch’s Crane Hire we ensure we employ the most experienced Appointed Person with every contract lift and move. Our Appointed Person will assist every load, no matter the size, with safety at the forefront of everything they do.

The Appointed Person is there to:

  • Plan the lifting operation – this includes selecting the correct crane for the project, drawing up the necessary lift plan along with risk assessments and method statements.
  • Ensure all contract lift personnel are working together in the correct sequence
  • Ensure all the required documentation supplied by the contract hire or CPA lift are correct and present as per all requirements
  • Preparation of all aspects of the movement, from checking the site to the management of the crane route to and from the location.
  • Ensure effective communication from all parties during the operation

When necessary, alongside our CPCS-trained AP, we can provide Lift Supervisors, Slinger Signallers and Banksmen.


What’s the difference between an Appointed Person (AP) and a Lift Supervisor?

An AP operates at a level above a Lift Supervisor so can act as a Lift Supervisor on the day. By contrast a Lift Supervisor cannot act as an AP.

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