Boat Lifts

When extreme care is required to move your boat, whatever its size, Welch's Crane Hire can help whether it’s in the UK or Europe. We work alongside your chosen marina and understand how precious time out on the water is, so we are here to help make your boat movement less time consuming and worry free.

Welch’s Crane Hire boat lifting service is second-to-none; our CPCS trained operators will handle everything from planning through to rigging and lifting of the boat.

By choosing either a standard CPA lift or Contract CPA lift, your responsibilities will differ. If you’re not confident about all the responsibilities of a standard lift, we can arrange a contract lift and take away all the considerable hassles, leaving you stress-free to enjoy the water as soon as possible.

Can my boat be lifted from the water?

This depends on many variables such as access to the mooring, how close to the water’s edge the crane needs to be and the condition of the ground to support the weight of the crane and boat combined. Please talk to the team for sound and friendly advice.


Will I need a site survey?

Yes, due to the many variables that can accompany this type of lift, a site survey is not only a pre-requisite but will prevent many potential problems that may occur as well as reducing the risk of unexpected costs.

What’s the biggest boat you can lift?

We have a vast experience of lifting and transporting all size boats, both big and small. Please give us a call and we can chat through any questions or concerns you have.

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