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Stepping Back Through Time

Back in 1972, Welch's Crane Hire took on the lift of a German Junkter fuselage which was being brought in for restoration. Who would have known that over 40 years later our Mark Williams, would be lifting the exact same fuselage with our 25t Kato City mobile crane onto a vehicle making it's way to a Museum in Poland.

Movement of Finback Whale

At the end of September 2014 we took a phone call from Matt Lowe at the University of Cambridge, Museum of Zoology, who are undergoing redevelopment and required assistance to remove a 'finback whale skull'.  

The whale was suspended from the underside of the second floor of Zoology's ARUP tower, in a space known as the 'whale podium'. The whale's skull had to be brought down to car park level where it is to be stored until a new Museum foyer is built for redisplay. We visited the Museum and had many conversations to discuss how we would carry out the lift and communicated with Matt every step of the way.   

The whale had been hanging in its current position since 1996 and  measured 5.3m long x 2.6m wide x 1.7m high.

Knowing the history of the Finback Whale, being washed ashore in 1865 and as old as the museum itself, we felt privilaged to be involved with such a project. Using our 25T City mobile crane, three of our men and a Saturday morning we safely brought the skull to the carpark level and craned into it's new home for the next 12 months.


Newest Videos
Tank Museum Move - Sep 2016 

Alongside our good friends Borley Brothers Engineering we spent just over a week bringing back 11x WWII military vehicles from Bovington Tank Museum near Bournemouth to a secret location!

This video demonstrates what goes into just getting two immobile vehicles on and off a trailer.... Well done to our John Abbott for another Stirling job!

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